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Why Penny Wong is Right to be Concerned

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Welcome to The Trillium Group

THE TRILLIUM GROUP specialises in conflict management. We provide a range of conflict management services to help our clients better
prevent, manage and mitigate conflicts
within their organisations. We do this by:

■   Providing systems and solutions - to better manage conflict. This usually includes designing effective strategies, policies and procedures to better manage diversity and differences within the work environment.

■   Building the capability of staff - to manage and resolve conflict themselves. This may include educating and training staff and managers in conflict management or conflict resolution and related skills, or it may involve developing enhanced communication skills.

■   Enabling relationships - either within the organisation with diverse work groups or teams, or with stakeholders outside the organisation. Our goal is to build consensus between amoung and groups with different interests or goals.

■   Resolving conflict - by acting as neutrals and using the techniques of facilitation, negotiation, conciliation, mediation and arbitration, depending on the dispute and the parties' needs.

The Trillium Group has operated in Australia since 1999 and has built a strong reputation for teaching and practising Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).   Until 2010 The Trillium Group was the Australian division of the Canada based Stitt Feld Handy Group and ADR Chambers, the leading Canadian ADR firm.

Trillium is now wholly Australian owned but retains strong links with the Stitt Feld Handy Group and ADR Chambers in Canada and the UK. 

Francis Handy is Trillium’s Principal. He has almost 20 years experience in providing dispute resolution, negotiation, mediation, management consulting and related conflict management services



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The Trillium Group delivers workshops in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia in negotiation, mediation, alternative dispute resolution, ADR, and how to deal with difficult people and have difficult conversations. We offer workshops to the public and offer customised training to organisations and government, as well, we offer online training courses for your convenience.