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Why Penny Wong is Right to be Concerned

Last updated 14/07/2016


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The way we help clients
is based on this philosophy.

We believe that differences are a natural and integral part of life, and of organisational life in particular. Differences most often become explicit during periods of change.  Change tends to upset the existing order of relationships, power, hierarchies, the allocation of resources, and customary or accepted ways of acting and interacting.

Differences and conflict can result in positive outcomes, or can have negative consequences. 

When the differences are effectively and constructively managed, then opportunities arise, positive energy flows, greater harmony is generated between people, and cooperation and collaboration increase, resulting in greater innovation, creativity, and productivity. To grow, change and transform organisations effectively, these conditions and attitudes must be present..

When differences are not well managed, dysfunction proliferates.  This dysfunction leads to unintended inefficiencies (waste of time, energy, and resources), and loss of focus and purpose.  Disagreements break out; disruption, antipathy and tension simmer under the surface then start to erupt consistently; disengagement (both psychological and physical) results.  Relationships are strained and the already challenging work of transforming and changing organisations becomes far more difficult for both those who are trying to manage and those who are affected by the proposed change.

Organisations often seek to generate behavioural or organizational change by forcing people to adapt to rigid rules, or by imposing consequences in traditional management frameworks.   Unfortunately, people and organizations take these steps knowing deep down that they will not work well for anyone, and do not resolve the underlying differences that are creating the problems.

We believe that differences, conflict, disputes, and change present opportunities to anchor our relationships and workplaces in strong and effective principles of mutual respect, acknowledgement and growth. If people and organizations can truly embrace the notion that conflict is an integral part of life, they are able to transform differences, conflict, disputes and change into improvements in our work, our organisations, our world, and ourselves .

Our approach helps organisations to be more effective in dealing with differences, conflict, disputes, and change. We help them to:

■  Build Capability to manage differences while maintaining consistently strong outcomes;

■   Increase Competence to create and maintain positive relationships that embrace change and growth;

■    Provide Expertise to resolve a dispute when it cannot be resolved directly by those involved.

Please see the Products and Services page to learn about specific tools we can use to help individuals, teams and organizations.



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